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When Is Enough Enough

12 Sep , 2014,
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Pipe CollectionThe other night my wife saw me feverishly toiling away cleaning some of my favorite pipes before I left for my monthly pipe club meetup (Remember “A clean pipe is a happy pipe“).  She walked by seeming slightly annoyed and asked, “how many pipes do you have?” My retort was “I don’t know… but not enough!”

I have never put an exact number on how many pipes I feel I need in my collection and I shutter at the thought of never buying another pipe, but I estimate that around 60 would be a good stopping point.  I would be able to smoke 2 pipes a day for a month without a repeat. Well, but  what about those extra heavy days when 2 bowls won’t quite do you. I had better make that 70 pipes. There are of course those very special occasion pipes that I only bring out every once in a while when I deem worthy an extra fine smoke. So lets make that 75 pipes. You see where I’m going here!

I guess with most interests some, like the tide, come and go. If I ever burn myself out on this current obsession, I know that my pipes along with my cellared tobacco will be there waiting for me like an undying friend or a childhood k-9 companion.


How many Pipes do you currently have in your collection?

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