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July meeting Re-Cap

12 Jul , 2015,
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Houston Pipe Club July Recap

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** HPC July Meeting Recap.


Hello fellow HPC members! The July meeting was a great success, we saw 7 new faces show up and had a total attendance of 23! We are growing fast and I see no signs of slowing down in the future.

The evening started off slow with the usual early crowd all present when I arrived at 5:30. It's great to see those familiar faces each month. I started the evening with a bowl of HCPs very own blend "The Heights" named after the historic area of Houston and named by club member Mark Burman.  The Heights is an intriguing mixture of two types of red Virginia, fragrant Turkish, dark-fired Kentucky, unflavored black Cavendish and a good splash of Cyprian Latakia. The blend is smoky sweet and a bit earthy, producing volumes of thick smoke and can be found here (http://

As the night and crowd picked up speed a steady flow of pipe smokers came through the doors offering many great tobaccos to share. Mark had a tin of Butera's dark Stoved that he prepared for us using his food processor. It was broken up to what was almost a perfect consistency and made for easy packing. The tobacco was excellent and exactly what a dark stoved VA should be. it was zesty and had a hint of that McClelland scent we all love.

Stomachs started to rumble a few hours in and one of our youngest members decided to go on a food run. Patrick returned with what can only be described as a triple bypass platter. The 1/4 order of nachos he sat down on the table quite possibly had it's own gravitational pull. It's a good thing Yogi wasn't present or there could have possibly been a fist fight over the plate.

A signup sheet was passed around to get a count for commitment on the 2015 Mark Tinsky club pipe. the pipe will  cost members $180.00 and initial payment will be collected at the August meeting. Initial payment will be $100.00 (or can be paid in full) and the remainder will be collected upon the completion of Tinskey's work. Cash or paypal transfer will be accepted as forms of payment. Another email will be sent with more specific instructions regarding the pipe.

Things started to settle down and Patrick started to get the meat sweats when Butera pulled out a 9 year old tray of Stonehaven. My eyes did widen a bit as I instantly started considering what pipe I would use to smoke this fine blend. I took a few flakes and asked Mike what his preferred method for prep and packing was. He showed me how to break it up in my hand and rub it out and I eagerly packed an Astor Billiard heaping full of the wonderful tobacco. "Big Jake" and his wife "Ms. Skeeter" watched as I packed  and treated my bowl much like Gollum possessing the "One Ring" . Once lit I was content with my pipe for at least 45 minutes till it was all but ash... what a happy ending.

The crowd started to clear and Joseph offered me a bowl of Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky. I told him I don't\ think I could handle another bowl as i had already had three..... five minutes later I had a bowl packed and was puffing away. the name is misleading as it wasn't that strong of a blend, well at least after smoking 3 other bowls :)

I'd like to thank Jorge @ Stogies for the generosity and for hosting us each month. A very special bonus was extended to our club and a deep 30% discount was given on pipes and 25% was given on tobacco. Club Member Austin couldn't resist the temptation and snatched up a pipe he had been eyeing for several months.

To anyone on the mailing list whom has yet to attend our meetings, I encourage you to do so, A great time is always had and there is a tremendous wealth of pipe knowledge in the group and always great tobacco to be tried.

Corey Kelly

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