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Sutliff Taste of Autumn by Joshua Cooper

19 Feb , 2015,
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Blend Name: Sutliff Taste of Autumn

Tin Note: Dr. Pepper cola, all spice, vanilla, honey

Leaf: Black Cavendish, Burley, Cavendish, Virginia

Taste: A medium-strength aromatic with complex flavors. The tin note is very strong, but the actual tobacco is much more mild. Hints of vanilla and autumn spices (think pumpkin pie), but it is not overly sweet. The topping does a great job at letting the vanilla from the black cavendish and the Virginia flavors exist on their own. The more I smoke this, the more I like it.

Smokability: Perfect moisture level right from the tin, but some may prefer a little more drying time.

Room Note: Vanilla, pumpkin spices

February Meeting Minutes

Feb , 2015,
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Hello Fellow Pipe smoking enthusiasts!

I’d like to thank all of the members that were able to make it out to the February meetup. We had a great time and it was good to see familiar faces along with new ones. We have grown to over 50 members per the online signup sheet!

It was a rather low key meeting that I found to be extremely relaxing and well needed. Lane brought out a beautiful collection of briar that would make any collector envious. Thanks Lane for sharing a small glimpse into your wonderful collection 🙂 Maybe you can bring out a few more pieces next month.

I would like to thank the members that so graciously purchased a charter member button. The limited proceeds are being used for our membership in the UPCA. Our club page can be visited here —>

When I set out to formally start this club I had several goals in mind and it makes me very happy to see them being reached with all of your continued support… HPC could not have had this much success without all of you guys.

**** Member Mark Berman has been speaking with pipe maker Mark Tinsky in efforts to get a 2015 club pipe made. The price point of the pipe will be $150-$180.
please follow the link below and fill out the survey to help use gather required information.

January Meeting Minutes

4 Jan , 2015,
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Hello Fellow HPC Members and Happy New Year!

What a great time we had out at Stogies last night and welcome to all of the new faces, I am grateful to see our numbers continually grow each month.The rain wasn’t able to put a damper on our meeting.

There were many great tins offered up to share last night, making the selection process a tad bit difficult. I myself particularly enjoyed the plum-cake from the late 70’s and the aged Tilbury from 2000. Thanks to all who continue to bring the unique offerings.

For those of you who ended up with some of the Sutliff blends, if you are able please write a short review so I can get those posted and sent over to Brian as i’m sure he would appreciate them.

The idea of planning a HPC swap meet and pipe show was discussed and some great ideas were tossed around. We will continue to explore the options and see where it leads.

Mark Berman is in the process of getting our membership buttons ordered and he should have them available at our Feb Meeting. The cost will be minimal as we remain non profit.

If the members who smoked or took some of the HPC Heights blend would be kind enough to give me an honest critique I would greatly appreciate it.

I look foreward to our next meeting and hope to see our biggest turnout yet!


December Meeting Review

10 Dec , 2014,
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Greetings from The Houston Pipe Club!

After many many months of hard work, the first of hopefully many Houston Pipe club blends is available on Pipes and Cigars. Please consider adding a few oz to your shopping cart the next time you make a purchase. It would mean the world to me if you would submit some reviews and feedback so we could continue to improve any future blends. The intention of this blend was to create something that would be appealing to the new pipe smoker, as well as the seasoned vet. The Houston Pipe Club is growing fast and the only way to continue to do so is to be warm and inviting to newcomers and anyone interested in this great passion we all share.

Check out the blend on the PipesandCigars page here

The Heights is a blend from our friends at the Houston Pipe Club. It’s an intriguing mixture of two types of red Virginia, fragrant Turkish, dark-fired Kentucky, unflavored black Cavendish and a good splash of Cyprian Latakia. The blend is smoky sweet and a bit earthy, producing volumes of thick smoke. See for yourself what they’re smoking in the great state of Texas.

Recap of the December Meeting

What a great time we all had at the December meeting. Brian Levine from Sutliff attended and brought some samples of MacBaren tobacco. He possesses a wealth of tobacco knowledge both as a smoker and from the industry side. There was a pipe sale going on and the vendor brought out what I estimate to be at least 150 beautiful pipes. Our Gracious host as usual provided us with a comfortable and pleasant  venue. Thanks Jorge for doing what you do for us and for the food. We are all eternally grateful to you and all the members of Stogies world class cigars staff.

Member Yogi announced a new line of tobacco pipes he will be developing in the near future. The bowl will be made of your choice of Balsa wood, Hardy plank, or even Formica counter top. Asbestos lined bowls are also available upon request. Each pipe purchased will come with a nice pouch designed from luxurious hotel curtains he stole from the Vegas show. Inquire at the next meeting to be put on his list J

Once again, we had a great time and if you have yet to be able to attend one of our meetings please consider joining us for our January gathering.  Meetings are held the first Friday of each month unless otherwise stated in email.


Corey Kelly

December Meeting Announcement

21 Nov , 2014,
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Hello Folks!

Our December meeting will get us back on track for Friday December 5th. I have 40 cans of Sutliff tobacco to hand out. A taste of Autumn and  a taste of Spring. If you are into aromatics, please take as many as you like.  If you are so inclined to write a review for any of the Sutliff blends, please email it to me.
A few of us were able to meet up at Papadeaux’s seafood last week and we had a great time. Thank you to all of those who were able to make it out.
I still have a few of the Houston Pipe Club T-Shirts left. Let me know if you would like to purchase one @ 12.00 each with club member discount.
Please feel free to post a meeting announcement on Reddit or any other social media platform you desire… and as always feel free to forward this message to any friends that you think might be interested in coming out. I am always glad to see new faces and we have yet to have a meetup without someone new joining us. We are continuing to grow and it is solely due to the great members we currently have!
Thanks for being a part of our Club!

Sutliff Breckinridge Review

21 Oct , 2014,
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Blend Name: Breckinridge

Tin Note: Chocolate, cocoa, nutmeg

Taste: This is a great blend for the Burley connoisseurs out there. No topping, no nonsense. Just creamy, nutty, slightly cocoa-tasting Burley. Mild but not weak, pleasant but not bland. Goes great with coffee in the morning. The flavor lasted throughout the smoke.

Moisture: I had to rub the tobacco out a little before I filled my pipe, but the moisture level was perfect. No drying time needed. It smoked well all the way down.

Room Note: Cocoa, leather, earthieness. Not a strong room note.

Product Image

As reviewed by Josh Cooper


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October Meeting and HPC Newsletter

23 Sep , 2014,

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Hello HPC members!

Our October meeting is approaching and will be held, like usual, at Stogies on Westheimer, Friday October 3. I hope to see you all there and maybe we will be blessed with some nice weather so we can take advantage of some outside smoking.

I have another 20 tins of Sutliff tobacco to give out. It’s an aromatic, so some of you tobacco snobs might not like it :)-

There has been a slight delay in the effort to get our club blend online at, Russ hasn’t answered my last few emails and I don’t want to bug him too much… I’d hate to get on his shit list. 🙂

I have our membership cards ready and I will be passing them out to the Charter Members. Even if you aren’t interested, just humor me and put it in your wallet.

I’d like to discuss keeping the HPC Holiday tradition alive by planning our Christmas gift exchange and our November Thanksgiving Feast.

I wanted to thank you guys again for helping support the HPC. I truly look forward to getting together each month and hanging out.

Corey Kelly


Be sure and check out the new website @ and submit any photos you would like to see on the page.

Are you a tobacco Snob?

12 Sep , 2014,
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I  was recently asked  ”Do only pipe smoking novices smoke aromatics?” by a friend who in fact is a pipe smoking novice. My response was a quick ” Heck no, what makes you think that?” He proceeded to explain to me that he had read many comments posted online about how “real” pipe smokers smoke English and Virginia blends opposed to the aromatic variety, and that he felt sort of embarrassed by the fact that he was really enjoying the aromatic tobacco he picked up recently. I assured him that many, many pipe smokers have enjoyed aromatics for years and that he was not alone in his sentiment of the crowd pleasing aroma that aromatics offer.

After packing a bowl of Sutliff Academy in honor of my friends quandary, I contemplated  the idea that maybe there is a negative tone regarding aromatics online. Could I myself have fallen into the classification of pipe snob? Am I guilty of turning my nose up at fine quality tobacco, just because it may be technically classified as an aromatic? I would like to think not. I spent some time looking back at most of the posts on the G+ community page and sure enough, it’s heavily dominated by non aromatic blends.  Granted, over time your pallet will develop a taste for English blends that at first may have seemed harsh to novice, but that is no reason to ostracize a fellow brother of the briar for his aromatic preference.

I sent my friend a message simply stating, if you enjoy the tobacco don’t worry about what others think. Don’t be ashamed of what you like, be a trend setter not a follower and eventually others might start to show interest in the tobaccos that you love. Write stunning reviews that make it hard to not want to try the blends you enjoy. In the end , if they still give you a hard time … screw em :)

From this day forward I propose that we not look down our noses at aromatic tobaccos,  but embrace them as a sudo ambassador to the curious  potential pipe smoker, drawn to the allure of the intriguing aroma. Let’s be honest with ourselves, most of the positive comments we get in public revolve around smoking aromatics.


When Is Enough Enough

Sep , 2014,
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Pipe CollectionThe other night my wife saw me feverishly toiling away cleaning some of my favorite pipes before I left for my monthly pipe club meetup (Remember “A clean pipe is a happy pipe“).  She walked by seeming slightly annoyed and asked, “how many pipes do you have?” My retort was “I don’t know… but not enough!”

I have never put an exact number on how many pipes I feel I need in my collection and I shutter at the thought of never buying another pipe, but I estimate that around 60 would be a good stopping point.  I would be able to smoke 2 pipes a day for a month without a repeat. Well, but  what about those extra heavy days when 2 bowls won’t quite do you. I had better make that 70 pipes. There are of course those very special occasion pipes that I only bring out every once in a while when I deem worthy an extra fine smoke. So lets make that 75 pipes. You see where I’m going here!

I guess with most interests some, like the tide, come and go. If I ever burn myself out on this current obsession, I know that my pipes along with my cellared tobacco will be there waiting for me like an undying friend or a childhood k-9 companion.


How many Pipes do you currently have in your collection?

Interview with David Jones – Pipemaker

Sep , 2014,

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First off tell me a little about yourself David.


I am 74 years old and in good health.  I fell in love with the pipe when I was 13 years old.  My Dad had a country grocery store/gas station on US Highway 82 east of DeKalb, Texas.  An old gentleman would walk through the woods to buy his Prince Albert at our store.  I was intrigued by the aroma of his pipe.

I served in the US Army in Korea (after the war).  I had begun smoking a pipe while in Korea.

I am retired from a 42 year career in Procurement for a US Government Prime Contractor.  I  retired in 2004.  I had begun making pipes in 1986.  I purchased lots of plateau briar while I was employed full time and making pipes on weekends.  I attended pipe shows around the US and won a number of awards.

Today, I make pipes full time in a shop that I had built in 1993.  I make 4 or 5 pipes per week; selling them on eBay and making quite a number of custom orders from individuals.


It’s strange how aromas can stir up old memories, in your case over 60 years ago. I bet you still think of the old man from the woods when you smell some PA burning. I think that many people are drawn to pipes from comforting and nostalgic memories of the great role models from a bygone era. I know quite often when I’m smoking in public I’m approached by passersby that want me to know that my room note reminds them of their father or grandfather.

Can you tell me a little about the Briar that you have in stock and perhaps what makes it special?


I purchased several thousand blocks of Briar from 1986 through 2005.  This was “Extra” and “Extra Extra” quality plateau cut, in order to always have seasoned briar on hand.  These were Grecian, Algerian, Calabria and Corsican.  This briar has aged and seasoned in my climate-controlled shop.

I found early on that certain specialized equipment was necessary to make precision pipes.  At a pipe show in Philadelphia in 1989, I met a pipe maker who had acquired some surplus, used, pipe-making equipment.  I purchased all of this equipment, which was delivered in 1989.  Without this equipment, which is difficult to find, I would not be making pipes today.

My hope is to live long enough to use all of the briar that I have on hand, and to perhaps sell the equipment.


That’s an impressive cache of briar David and I’m sure you will be around for many years to come, all while turning out great pipes.

What are some of your favorite shapes of pipes to make?


My favorite shape to smoke would be a bent Billiard or bent Apple.  My favorite shape to make is a bent Stubby Poker, smooth top and bottom.  This is also my best-selling shape.  I get a lot of orders for this pipe; which I call a “stubby” Poker because it ranges from 4 7/8″ to 5 1/2″ in length.


Yes, it seems to me that the stubby Poker has become a very popular shape. That brings me to my next question. Have you seen an increase in pipe sales that mirrors the increase in the online pipe community? With YouTube literally having thousands of videos from pipe enthusiasts and tobacco reviews it seems it is on an upward swing.


I attended 16 pipe shows in major cities, coast to coast, from 1988 to 2004. I made the club pipe for the North American Society of Pipe Collectors (NASPC) in 2004.  I designed the pipe and made 68 based on members’ pre-orders. I was always astounded at the crowds at these shows trading and buying pipes. I saw many female pipe smokers!

From my perspective, pipe demand seems to be quite strong.  I stopped attending shows because flying became such a hassle.


You sound like a very busy man :)

Do you have a favorite tobacco and what do you smoke daily?

Do you have any advice for anyone who might be interested in getting into pipe carving?


I smoked Dunhill 965 for many years, but Dunhill no longer offers this in bulk (in the USA).  So I now smoke Prince Albert (don’t laugh).  Prince Albert is coarse cut (not for roll your own cigarettes).  I think PA got away from offering cigarette tobacco and went to a coarse-cut pipe tobacco.  I buy it in 14 ounce sealed plastic tubs at about $24 per tub.  I love the Burley aroma.

On pipe making – I carved life-like waterfowl for many years.  My early love for the pipe surfaced and I became immersed in pipe making.  I don’t believe one can make a living carving pipes.  It’s a labor of love for me.  I retired well, but pipes permit me to expand my guitar collection!

You can find Some of Davids work @ his site

or on his ebay store

David Jones working in his shop



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