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Sutliff Taste of Autumn by Joshua Cooper

19 Feb , 2015,
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Blend Name: Sutliff Taste of Autumn

Tin Note: Dr. Pepper cola, all spice, vanilla, honey

Leaf: Black Cavendish, Burley, Cavendish, Virginia

Taste: A medium-strength aromatic with complex flavors. The tin note is very strong, but the actual tobacco is much more mild. Hints of vanilla and autumn spices (think pumpkin pie), but it is not overly sweet. The topping does a great job at letting the vanilla from the black cavendish and the Virginia flavors exist on their own. The more I smoke this, the more I like it.

Smokability: Perfect moisture level right from the tin, but some may prefer a little more drying time.

Room Note: Vanilla, pumpkin spices

Sutliff Breckinridge Review

21 Oct , 2014,
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Blend Name: Breckinridge

Tin Note: Chocolate, cocoa, nutmeg

Taste: This is a great blend for the Burley connoisseurs out there. No topping, no nonsense. Just creamy, nutty, slightly cocoa-tasting Burley. Mild but not weak, pleasant but not bland. Goes great with coffee in the morning. The flavor lasted throughout the smoke.

Moisture: I had to rub the tobacco out a little before I filled my pipe, but the moisture level was perfect. No drying time needed. It smoked well all the way down.

Room Note: Cocoa, leather, earthieness. Not a strong room note.

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As reviewed by Josh Cooper


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County Cork Review By J Cooper

11 Sep , 2014,
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The tin note is of sweet Irish Cream over a bed of Virginias and Burleys, but not in an overwhelming way. All flavors are detectable in a cohesive blend.  The moisture level was perfect…not wet like I was expecting of an aromatic.  In fact, this blend is closer to that I call a “crossover” blend that has traits of an aromatic and a virginia/burley, and Sutliff managed to pull it off perfectly in this offering.

Not difficult to get this tobacco lit, nor to maintain the ember. Room note is pleasant, with just a hint of Irish Cream over the sweet burley notes.  The smoke is very pleasant and this blend smokes very well…no bite at all even when puffed a little faster than normal.

The first half of the bowl is a very smooth and creamy smoke, however the more you smoke the more the virgina and especially burley flavors make themselves known, but not in a bad way.  This is a ver mild smoke, and not overly sweet, so I can see this being an easy everyday smoke for burley fans out there.

County Cork Review

Sep , 2014,

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Having had several bowls, my overall impression is that Sutliff County Cork is an enjoyable aromatic tobacco that burns well and smells great with a pleasant taste. Aromatic smokers should delight in it while those who predominantly smoke non-aromatics will find it worth a try.

The tin note is fantastic, really mellow and fragrant without smelling artificial or being sickeningly sweet smelling. The tobacco is a tad moist and would benefit from drying but I’ve yet to do so before smoking resulting in the need to use pipe cleaners several times throughout the smoke. Despite the buildup of moisture while smoking, the blend takes a light well and stays lit without effort. The bowl walls get warm and the smoke stream also feels a bit warm at times but neither the walls nor the smoke itself ever get hot. I’ve had no problems with tongue bite.
The whiskey topping definitely shines through the first half of the bowl, I don’t pick up any notes from the Burley or Virginia but as the bowl progresses into the second half the topping lessens slightly and the natural tobacco flavors peek through here and there. First half or second, the tobacco is enjoyable and tastes well balanced; never overly sweet or bitter, sour or harsh. It’s nice to smoke a tobacco that actually smokes like it smells in the tin.
If you’re looking for a lot of nicotine, you wont find it here. It would make a nice morning smoke with coffee or post-meal smoke. Though primarily a Virginia and Va/Per smoker, this is definitely a blend I’d keep on hand when the rare aromatic urge strikes. I see myself reaching for this especially when I pick up a pipe in the company of those who aren’t so agreeable to being around smoke.