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Sutliff Breckinridge Review

21 Oct , 2014,
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Blend Name: Breckinridge

Tin Note: Chocolate, cocoa, nutmeg

Taste: This is a great blend for the Burley connoisseurs out there. No topping, no nonsense. Just creamy, nutty, slightly cocoa-tasting Burley. Mild but not weak, pleasant but not bland. Goes great with coffee in the morning. The flavor lasted throughout the smoke.

Moisture: I had to rub the tobacco out a little before I filled my pipe, but the moisture level was perfect. No drying time needed. It smoked well all the way down.

Room Note: Cocoa, leather, earthieness. Not a strong room note.

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As reviewed by Josh Cooper


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County Cork Review By J Cooper

11 Sep , 2014,
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The tin note is of sweet Irish Cream over a bed of Virginias and Burleys, but not in an overwhelming way. All flavors are detectable in a cohesive blend.  The moisture level was perfect…not wet like I was expecting of an aromatic.  In fact, this blend is closer to that I call a “crossover” blend that has traits of an aromatic and a virginia/burley, and Sutliff managed to pull it off perfectly in this offering.

Not difficult to get this tobacco lit, nor to maintain the ember. Room note is pleasant, with just a hint of Irish Cream over the sweet burley notes.  The smoke is very pleasant and this blend smokes very well…no bite at all even when puffed a little faster than normal.

The first half of the bowl is a very smooth and creamy smoke, however the more you smoke the more the virgina and especially burley flavors make themselves known, but not in a bad way.  This is a ver mild smoke, and not overly sweet, so I can see this being an easy everyday smoke for burley fans out there.